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Our Start

Founded in 2007, Carbon Events began as a trade staffing agency, offering students part-time working opportunities to assist them in funding their studies through liquor promotions and staffing solutions.

Over the past decade, the company has evolved to become one of the countries leading bar service providers and an all-in-one multifaceted eventing solution.

Our Values

We believe in hard work above everything else. We believe in client and partner satisfaction, and we extend this ethos to your event attendees. We believe in profitable events, and achieve this by increasing turnovers and reducing expenses without compromising on quality.

Our philosophies have led us to form strong allegiances with both our clients, suppliers and partners. We have and will continue to work with some of the biggest names in sub-Saharan Africa’s festival and eventing industry.

Read Our Story

With the sole purpose of offering part-time jobs to students that were self-funding their education, Carbon Events began its journey in 2007 as a trade staffing agency for liquor houses in Cape Town.

Two years later, we celebrated becoming a vendor of bar and activation services for South African Breweries. This tipping point allowed us to grow our company and steer our attention to offering bar services on a large and growing scale.

We began to satisfy the demands of event organisers looking for high-quality bar and project management services at affordable prices. As our name grew and our portfolio of clients and partners expanded, we started focusing our attention on operating exclusively in the outdoor music and sporting events industry.

This decision led us to form alliances with a number of South Africa’s favourite outdoor event brands. To account for our widespread success and exponential growth, we rebranded our company name to Carbon Events Bar Services and Project Management.

We are market leaders in our field and plan to continue our legacy as South Africa’s favourite bar and project management services provider to the outdoor festival and sporting events.

Carbon Cocktail

Carbon Cocktail has years of experience as one of Cape Town’s leading providers of mobile bar services for any kind of event.

Their team pride themselves on professional service and incredible flexibility, but what really sets them apart is their automatic cocktail machine which provides a bespoke selection of cocktails at the touch of a button.

The sleek black machine which allows guests to choose their own drinks via a touchscreen platform really has to be seen to be believed.

Visit the Carbon Cocktail Website

Carbon Events Europe

We are currently in the process of expanding our business reach to include select European regions.

Over the course of 2017, we’ll be investigating business opportunities within the European outdoor music festival and events market.

If you are an event organizer looking for bar and project management services for your event, contact us and set up a virtual meeting with our head of international business development.

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